IT Solutions

Business Summary

Nadex solves customer issues, taking advantage of enough experience and know-how accumulated at various manufacturing sites.

In the midst of rapid globalization of industrial society, technologies are also opening up a new era of globalization.
Nadex has made great strides since its foundation based on the corporate philosophy, “Nadex strives to contribute to creation of customers’ intellectual values by means of reliable information technologies”.
Systematization in manufacturing plants or companies should no longer be limited to the systematization of individual processes, but is requested to improve plant-wide or company-wide efficiencies.
Nadex, having professional system service capabilities, works together with customers in system construction for any industries from the customers’ point of view, thus strives to contribute to creation of customers’ intellectual value and to become an company trusted by the customers.


Menu of IT Solutions

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Solution “KN – POP”
Responding to the request for visualizing management of manufacturing entities, Nadex provides systems that make parts, equipment, personnel, information control, traceability, yield improvement, etc. visible, thus reflects manufacturing site activities to the corporate management.

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Equipment Management Solution
Nadex can provide flexible and optimum equipment management solutions taking an advantage of plenty of equipment implementation know-how. Nadex can provide the optimum equipment management solution covering from equipment monitoring to preventive maintenance.

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Energy Management Solution
How to secure necessary energy stably and use it efficiently is extremely important issue for every company. Nadex supports customers’ visualizing energy and energy-saving activities, taking an advantage of plenty of experience and accumulated know-how.


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Image Inspection Solution
Nadex can propose the optimum image inspection system quickly at low cost by applying image processing technologies that Nadex has cultivated over many years and effectively utilizing built-in software incorporated in general purpose cameras.


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Solution Processes

Nadex has prepared a service menu that matches customers’ status quo for each phase of systematization. Nadex will first clarify customers’ issues, conduct analysis and planning from the aspect of business administration, then provide customers with the optimum system.