NADEX, as a major manufacturer of wide-range welding equipment, has supplied automotive manufacturers in 47 countries worldwide with its own resistance weld controllers and other products. NADEX endeavors to propose its unique welding systems incorporating the latest technologies such as AI. NADEX also puts special efforts in developing environment-oriented products with energy-saving features. Putting welding system technology as the core, NADEX, as the leading company of joining technologies, keeps trying to develop new technologies in arc, laser and plasma weldings, to develop and supply new products to its customers.


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Development of New Technologies

In order to continue supplying customers with human- and environment-friendly high-performance welding systems, NADEX pursues development of next-generation welding systems introducing cutting-edge controlling technologies based on weldability analysis and evaluation data on various new materials.

In-house Weld Quality Evaluation Capability

NADEX has prepared various inspection and measuring equipment for weld strength and weld geometry measurements in its showroom in order that customers can confirm the weldability and weld quality on materials new to the customers.